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    Basketball Practice Warm-Up Drills

    All the practices are very hand and every basketball practice will start with passing and ball handling drills. These drills are very important as they focus on the fundamentals, movements and teaching proper technique. The Coach Alford gives huge importance to these areas and he thinks that the good passing and ball handling skills will result in better shooting percentage. In order to make the players understand things better the coach will also make use of the Film to emphasize on different aspects of the game.

    Transition Offense Defense and Rebounding

    You will see how the full court build up drills are being used by the coach Alford to teach the transition offense. The coach gives huge importance to correct passing to players who can make plays and he also teaches balance within his teams transition defense and this balance and correct passing will help guard against easy baskets. Making drills competitive is very important and that’s what the coach Alford explains in his practice. The competitive drills can generate all-out effort and competitiveness from your team in every basketball practice. Furthermore, the players will be learning coach Alford’s unique and innovative Rodman Rebounding drill. This drill is very helpful as it puts the players in a very competitive overload principle. And this principle demands the players to compete to get out of the pit.

    Defense Drills

    When it comes to the defensive side, the Coach Alford will be teaching his half-court defense with the help of using shell drills. The coach will also demonstrate the art of defending dribble drive penetration, ball screens, downs screens, cross screens, back screens and also the flare screens. furthermore, the coach also gives attention and teaches the mental quickness in order to get the players to compete and think quickly in different situations.

    Offense Drills

    The players will be learning Coach’s Alford disciplined motion and zone offenses. The players will also be learning on how to save time while teaching the defensive techniques with the help of 4-on-4 shell drills.

    On the other hand, with the help of individual breakdown drills, the Lobo Staff will teach the movements of the posts, wings and points and also the roles within their motion offense. This skill work is very handy as it will improve the performance of the athletes and will enable them to be more competitive and will make them more complete as a whole. Rent Steve Alford's basketball practice video today.

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