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    Basketball Practice with Seth Greenberg

    In this All-Access basketball practice DVD, you will get a first-hand look into four Virginia Tech practices as they prepare for the 2010-2011 season. Seth Greenburg leads the team as head coach and is one of the most entertaining teaches of the game. He stresses the important of valuing the ball with proper passing and catching along with playing sound defense. These practices are like a mini-clinic into how to improve your team and individual players in almost every facet of the game.

    Individual Development

    The basketball practices all begin with a warm-up that is designed to both get the heart rate up and work on individual players fundamental skills. Coach Greenberg takes your through his Dribble Series winch works on players ability to control the ball while changing speeds, direction, and the ability to finish with multiple finishing moves. He also has a series of passing drills that are shown in both the half and full court.

    Each basketball practice also has a segment of individual development where the players are broken up by position to work on the skills needed for their respective positions. The perimeter players work on attacking with the ball, spacing, decision making, passing, and staying shot ready at all times. The post players work on scoring on the block and a variety of skills/techniques needed to perform both on and off ball screens and rolls.

    Defensive Fundamentals and Concepts

    One of the staples of a Virginia Tech team is its fundamental, disciplined, and aggressive defense. Since these practices are early in the year, you will get to see the drills Coach Greenberg uses to build his entire man-to-man defense. Along with the fundamentals you will also be exposed with how to defend a handful of screening offenses including flex, cross, down, and UCLA screens. He also works his players on how to defend different situations when the defense is at a disadvantage, scrambling, or an advantage. Learning how to build a defense with intensity, IQ, and effort is an amazing benefit of renting this DVD.

    Motion Offense

    Greenberg is also known for running a high scoring offense. He uses a free-flowing motion concept that does not run many set plays. This type of offense requires hours and hours of repetition to help players develop quicker reads and chemistry. He shows drills, both 5-on-5 and breakdown, that help reinforce their basic dribble penetration and off-ball movements. Greenberg and his staff also show multi-layered drills that work on the offense while also working on shooting by using game-actions that lead into game shots. Greenbergs motion offense is a combination of dribble-drive and flex concepts that are blended beautifully. You can either take his offense into your own program or learn from the way he teaches and runs his drills. Either way your half-court offense will benefit.

    Transition Offense

    The Hokies love to run and every practice involves some sort of work on their transition offense. Greenburg teaches what he expects out of their primary, ball screens and spacing, and secondary, staggered screens, break that can make your team a nightmare on the break. It is important that continually reinforce these concepts and Greenburg shows 5-on-5 and 5-on-0 drills that you can use with your own transition game.

    Coach Greenberg is a treasure of the coaching world and learning from him is invaluable. If you are trying to improve your program in every facet then do not wait and rent this amazing DVD today. Rent this basketball practice video today.

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