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    Practice 1

    Firstly an environment of chaos is being created with which Coach Rice starts the Rutgers season. The defensive instincts are being build right from the start. The coach works on the closeouts along with paying huge attention to the sideline and baseline shading techniques in order to eliminate the middle penetration.

    Circle the Wagons and 4 on 4 on 4 full court drills will put the players in a full court, game like setting. After that the coach will come back to a controlled half-court approach that include the drills such as a 3 Around 1 in order to spread awareness whenever the defense is loaded with a mismatched guard.

    The practice will come to an end by numerous 2-on-2 drills in order to develop the screen and re-screen action. All these things are basics for the Rutgers’ offense. He guides his players to constantly screen, relocate and screen again. But he also makes sure that the players are not executing the same type of screen consecutively.

    Practice 2

    It’s all about helping the players get comfortable playing at a chaotic pace!

    The practice starts with individual skill development in which the guards as well as the post players are divided into stations. With this splitting the players will be able to focus on technique and fundamentals in a better way. The Coach Rice is very amazing and his great mixing of offensive and defensive skills work during practice two. When it comes to the Italian Drill, the players will be improving their up-tempo, attacking, hand-off motion offense which is full of screening and re-screening.

    The offensive and defensive schematics are being build by using the Coach Rice 5-on-5 full court drills. The players will learn how to handle a zone when they will go through offensive and defensive shell work. Two different zone quick hitters are being used by the coach the Stanford and Blitz that will help the players generate amazing scoring opportunities with the help of a jump shot or slip in the post. The 22 Press is being implemented in the shell drill that will make the players go into a zone defense that will help them continue their aggressive and chaotic style of play.

    When it comes to the defensive side of the practice, coach Rice will demonstrate each and everything and will teach the players the approach to help the defense rotations whenever the teammate is beaten for a baseline drive. How to defend the elbow screen and stagger screen are also included in the Shell scenarios. All this will be taught as the coach Rice continues to develop the technique and his philosophy that the players will be using in order to counter the opposition’s different attacks throughout the season.

    Practice 3

    During his Feed the Post Dribble Hand Off Drill, the coach Rice will focus on actions within the motion offense. The two integral part of the offensive system are post player and dribble handoffs. The offensive screening is broken down into a 3-on-3. The players are given a very short span of time to score or get a stop in order to keep the theme of chaos spread during the entire practice.

    While being in game to 7, the screening action importance is emphasized. The main goal of coach Rice is to develop an attacking mentality of the players while being within the offense and also to be strong with the ball while learning how to play within their offensive system. The players will learn a stunning re-screen offense when he is explaining the Re-Screen Breakbacks. The players will also learn various entries from the coach Rice and these entries will flow right into their primary motion screening offense.

    The third day of the practice session will come to an end with the 5-on-5 scrimmage which uses both the man and zone defense. Big East style of play sense is being developed in the minds of players by coach Rice as they sprint up and down the floor creating chaos in everything they

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