(Rental)-All Access: Kevin Boyle

  • (Rental)-All Access: Kevin Boyle
  • All Access: Kevin Boyle by JoAnne Boyle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    You will be going through several transition drills that will help the players maximize their practice time. Three to 5-player drills are explained which also include the transition into early offense.

    For the Guards there are number of position-pacific drills taught by Coach Boyle which will help increase the decision making power, ball handling, passing and also reading the defense ability. In order to work on inside scoring and team drills to build the pivot foot the coach will be delivering the post moves. These posts moves will also enable you to use it your advantage.

    The defensive end of the floor is being focused in this practice mainly. The coach Boyle will be demanding high energy, intensity and hustle from the players. There are several breakdown drills like the 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 that will help you build up your defense. On the other hand, the coach will be focusing on the offensive players as well and will make sure that they are learning the basics as well.

    You will be able to judge and see many different offensive movements and screens in order to prepare your defense to react to any given situation. You will learn this art with the help of 4-on-4 shell drills.

    Now comes the last part of the defense in which coach Boyle will be covering the Down half court trap. There will be a 3-on-3 and builds to 5-on-5 in order to teach the defense.

    In the end the players will be having a look into a Monteverde Academy controlled scrimmage. The players will be stopped on different occasions by the coach to really work with the team and to learn different aspects of the game.

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