(Rental)-All Access: Kentucky Basketball Practice Champions

  • (Rental)-All Access: Kentucky Basketball Practice Champions
  • All Access: Kentucky Basketball Practice Champions by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    There will be a question and answer session to analyze your overall performance in which Calipari will address about the tweaks in his style. That will pick and rolls into his dribble drive offense, the impact of new rule changes to the game and also the influence one and one have had on his coaching philosophy.

    Attacking offensive system will be focused in in the morning sessions and in the afternoon there will be practices regarding the implementation of the defensive strategy. So, you will be able to work on your different areas in a single day. from defensive close-out technique to swarming the ball to defending the baseline penetration lots of key areas of the game will be covered by the coach Calipari.

    There will two full-court press schemes as the coach will look for the best way that can help him utilize the potential of the players in the best way possible. The coach will make you understand his coaching philosophy and the reason why he thinks that teaching players how to play basketball is better and more important as compared to forcing the players to run a highly structured offense. He will also explain why a certain type of player will succeed in Kentucky and why he gives zero value to conditioning.

    This is indeed a golden chance to learn multiple practices from the National Championship team for all the coaches out there. You will learn and watch Coach Cal and his team executing their plans and workouts along with several breakdown drills and shell drills that will improve the mentality of the players and will enable them to develop an attacking mentality. This kind of mentality is required to run Dribble-Drive Motion Offense and the Kentucky full-court defensive scheme. The coach will be developing many future NBA drafts pick.

    Morning Practice 1:

    The coach will make you learn the dribble drive system in a new way and he will make use of ball screens for that purpose. So, how will he redefine the system? Well, he will open up by having the team executing a series of 2-man shooting drills that will revolve around penetration and kick actions. After that the players will go through the Perfection Drill which is a timed drill that gradually builds with the help of full-court lay-ups, to 3-man fast break, to three pass max Figure 8’s and at the same time the coach will be working really hard on his players and will be pushing them to operate at max speed. Then comes the Dummy Offense in which the team will perform the quick-striking nature of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense. After all this, the coach will make the players go through different breakdown drills that will stimulate the player recognition whenever there is a chance to capitalize on an offensive advantage.

    Morning Practice 2

    Now comes the second morning practice in which there is a 3-man pick and roll drills that will help perfect his pick and roll/pop within the dribble drive offense against no defenders. So, what these drills will do exactly? Well, these drills will help the players get familiar with the screening angles and spotting up after delivering the Pocket Pass. You will be watching the full court 5 v 5 scrimmage in which coach Calipari will be giving instructions to the team on how to run the Dribble-Drive Offense after every miss. All the morning sessions will come to an end with a question and answer session in which the players will get a better understanding of what they are actually doing.

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