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    Basketball Practice One with Greg Marshall

    The very first basketball practice focuses on motion offense and the build up drills that will help improve the skill set of the players and will also enhance their ability to play within the flow of it. The best part about Coach Marshall is his communication as he communicates with his players about what they are doing and how they will go on with every passing drill. For the whole-part-whole teachings for their motion offense the coach will run several shooting drills, along with a screening drill and how to penetrate off the screen. Furthermore the value of when to pass to the receive coming off the screen is also discussed.

    Basketball Practice Film Review

    The film review session is the starting point of the Disc 2 where the players will learn lots of new things and every now and then the coach will stop the film and will physically explains everything to the players. The coach spends lots of time improving the key defensive areas that will help the players a lot while playing the game. Throughout the practice the coach will focus on different key areas of the game like making sure that his defenders know the art of dealing with a multitude of screens, closing out properly to the ball and always playing with effort. You will get a great look at the team’s offensive strategies when the coach make players go through the 5-on-5 drills.

    Basketball Practice Drills with Greg Marshall

    You will learn everything about how Coach Marshall breaks down every drill. For the sake of players improvement, coach along with his staff works effortlessly to prepare film to make the players get better at their game. The coaching staff will discuss defensive strategy in detail when you will watch the hour long film session. You will also learn the terminology that the coaching staff uses in order to make the players learn understanding and that will help the players and coaches communicate effectively. So, this terminology will come in very handy in improving your level of understanding. You will learn the offensive movement, spacing, post play and also the transition offense that are positive and negative.

    When the film session comes to an end the players will learn and get the opportunity to see how the staff teaches with the help of short video clips in a team film session. The players will face positive criticism for the sake of good play at the same time showing the negative plays that will also help the players improve their basketball IQ. Coach Marshall works very hard and makes sure that the players are learning lots of new things and he also makes use of the numerous coaching and teaching strategies to get his players to think about their actions and what they are actually doing on the court and how they can make their actions better.

    While being on the court, the coach will also make you go through individual work which include the 1-on-1, 3-on-3 and 1-on-0 settings. In order to improve his players skills the coach will utilize ball handling, dribbling, passing, shooting and footwork drills. For the sake of working on point of emphasis, the staff will breakdown drills which were outlined during practice film. You will learn everything which was shown in the film from post defense to offensive decision making to various shooting drills the coach Marshall and his staff will give you an in depth learning.

    Basketball Practice Four

    Before an off day the final day of practice will give the players an inside look at the full Shocker practice session. Coach Marshall segments the practice into alternating "hard" vs "soft" drills that begin with introducing the team to "shadowing. Rent this basketball practice video today.

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