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    Iowa State surprised the nation with the mind-blowing program in the 2011-12 season which was a top 25 ranking and even finished at the third place in the Big 12 Conference which was unexpected. The coach Fred Hoiberg was able to bring back his former alma matter by making use of the pressure defense mentality along with the addition of a quick-striking, transition-based spread offensive attack. This was his 2nd year when he resurrected his former alma matter. Fred Hoiberg’s teams have been ranked among the nation’s top-50 in scoring in his first two season and that was all because of the exciting and up-tempo style of play.

    You will be invited by the Coach Fred Hoiberg for three days of practice just before the 2011-12 season as the team starts preparing for an upcoming trip to Italy where the team will play a series of exhibition games. In order to develop a strong and successful basketball team, the focus of coach Fred Hoiberg remains consistent with his core beliefs.

    • Up Tempo Offense – The up-tempo play is displayed by the coach Hoiberg in many of his drills. The Progression Drill in particular shows the build up from 1-on-1 full court play to their 4-on-4 full court shell drill. • Base Defense - Having a base defense that can deal with the many counters that offenses will throw at you is essential. His constant work in these practices with help-defense concepts is one of the highlights in this series. • Fundamental Skill Development - Hoiberg insists that fundamental skill development must be consistently addressed in order to help his players reach their potential as individuals and as a team.

    Every drill in the All Access set has a clear vision and purpose and every drill work on different parts of your game. You will be able to build a practice plan by understanding the art and practicing the drills that will keep your players engaged. This is not it as you will also get the chance to see how the coaching staff is being used in the most efficient way in order to improve your performance. You will get an idea on how to incorporate your staff and have them teach and get the credit of your team’s success.

    The solid foundation at Iowa State is all about the Coach Fred Hoiberg. When you will go through the All Access set, you will get a complete idea of why he has been successful and why he makes the team perform in the best way possible. You will get to learn lots of new tips and tricks. You will learn the tweaks on how to build the foundation for your team.

    Video 1:

    The video set gets started by installing a series of quick-strike plays which are aimed at distorting the defense early while being in an offensive possession. You will be entertained with the walk-through fashion that will enable you learn the Post Set Series and 50 Series. There are drills which will work on your defensive close-outs, jumping to the ball and also defending the win pick-n-roll. During all these drills the coaches will work on positioning and reinforcing techniques. When it comes to the defensive drills, the coach will focus on the rotational patterns on the middle drive and baseline drive. The coach Fred Hoiberg works heavily on improving the defensive habits.

    Video 2

    Important offensive concepts are developed in the 2nd video by the Iowa State team. The shooting program of the Iowa State team is very effective and, in this program,, the post players and guards are divided which will allow the coaches to focus on the proper shot for their position. During the workout, the guards will use some very skilled moves that will also include the slide shot. On the other hand, the cyclones will run a Dummy offense in a 5v0 setting that will review different quick strike offensive plays. All these several quick strike offensive plays have been brought over from his time in the NBA. The practice session will come to an end with the alive 5v5 scrimmage in this scrimmage the coach

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