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    The method and idea that made Frank Martin Kansas State Wildcats a huge success in the Big 12 will be shared with the coaches. You will get a look at the Wildcats firs four practices of the 10-11 season with this “All Access”. You will get useful information and knowledge about the technique and work which was put forth by the Wildcats players and coaches in order to try and make themselves improve every single day.

    In order to compete at a championship level, the base of fundamentals is being built in the first days of the practice. A full court “pressure” mentality is being used to make players get strong mentally and physically. He made his philosophy on teaching the whole-part-whole method of offensive and defensive concepts. The basketball is being forced in the full court with his defense and keeps the ball handler out of the middle of the floor. When it comes to the offensive side of the game, the coach Martin uses a disciplined motion offense which is full of correct screening angles on and off the ball. During this motion offense the inside and perimeter play are equally encouraged.


    You will learn the drills for the individual improvements which are full of full court passing, entries into the post, attacking the rim with the pressure of a defender, sealing in the post, shooting drills to gain correct repetitions and also the working high/low. For the individual improvements, there are shooting drills that will help in outstanding offensive fundamental play by gaining correct repetitions.

    From full court drills 1-on-1 to 2-on-2 to 3-on-3 to 4-on-4, coach Martin implements all these drills along with the 5 on 5 transition drill. All these drills will teach the players his keys for successful full court disruptive pressure.

    The players will develop a “push the basketball ahead” mentality which will get the basketball up the floor as quickly as possible. The players will manage to develop this push the basketball ahead mentality through the repetition of the drills. The coach Martin also gives importance to the slicing to get the basketball to the other side of the floor; rim running the posts, this will put a huge pressure on the transition defense and will lead to pretty easy baskets; spacing on the court, in this case the players will attack the middle with the dribble and will try to take advantage of the post touches, flare screens and also the ball screens.

    Man-to-Man Defense

    The championship man-to-man defensive principles are very helpful and the Coach Martin teaches the man-to-man defense individual stations and in team defensive stations. So, what exactly happens in these stations? Well, with the help of these stations, you will learn Martin’s “mirroring the basketball on the perimeter” principles and one-on-one closeout technique. You will go through several defensive drills that will teach the right on-ball defensive positioning, how to take away the ball handler’s pivot foot, defending against the back screen, how to avoid multiple screens and staying in contact with your man and more.

    Motion Offense

    Well, all the practice sessions come to an end with the Coach Martin motion offense practice. In this practice, the coach Martin explains the concept of the players movements against the man-to-man half court defenses. The Carolina secondary action is being used by the coach Martin and it will allow the players to flow right in their half-court man attack. For an inside touch the players will be taught to look high/low, set staggered screens, dribble hand-offs and the ball screening on the wings and also at the top of the key.

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