(Rental)-All Access Duke Basketball Practice (2010-11)

  • (Rental)-All Access Duke Basketball Practice (2010-11)
  • All Access Duke Basketball Practice (2010-11) by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Practice Drills with Coach K

    See Duke Basketball Practice Drills! Go behind the scenes with Coach Mike Krzyzewski and staff as they take you through an all-access journey into what it is really like to practice as a Duke Blue Devil.

    The segment of the DVD is very powerful as Duke's top associate head coaches, Steve Wojciechowski and Chris Collins, show you how they warm up their players. They use a series of individual player development drills to warm up post and perimeter players while also working on fundamental skills.

    Coach K takes the court to describe how and why they do the things they are doing during practice. He also goes into depth on his teams early season goals and how the staff goes about planning a practice. Throughout the practice, Krzyzewski takes time to explain actions taking place. The basketball practice drills DVD wraps up with a Q&A session with the entire coaching staff.

    Individual Basketball Workouts

    Coach Wojciechowski begins warming up the post players by working on defensive fundamentals. Once they have been warmed up they work on more advanced defensive situations such as defending screens, rebounding, and countering drives. They also spend a few minutes drilling the basic post offensive stations which include finishes, slides, and screens in a game-like situation.

    Coach Collins takes the guards through a similar routine. They warm-up with ball handling and passing drills then move to a more intense full-court session. In the full court drills they work on ball pressure, handling pressure, keeping eyes up, and decision making. Both coaches do a wonderful job of showing you how to warm up players while also improving their individual skills. You can take this segment and apply it to any skill you want to focus on with offense or defense.

    Basketball Practice Drills at Duke

    Coach K begins practice with an emphasis on energy and communication. They use a series of full court transition drills to continue to warm up players while also working on communication. Coach Krzyzewski shows drills that transition from 5-0 to 3-on-2 and 2-on-1 along with a transition drill that takes a 5-0 start to finish against a set man defense. It is a high efficient and energetic way to begin any practice.

    They then move to the defensive side of the ball and work on some of their bread and butter drills and fundamentals. Coach K shows how they break down their defense using a 5-on-4 closeout drill and 5-on-5 "change drill." He also shows how they pressure teams by working on their press series called: 41, ,42, 31, 32, and white.

    The team transitions back to offense in order to work on their half-court sets against zones. Coach Krzyzewski shows the actions they use to attack 2-3, 3-2, and 1-2-2 zones. The goal is to move the defense in order to find wide open threes or post players.

    Q&A Session

    Collins and Wojciechowski run the sessions and answer many high quality questions from the attending coaches. Some of the main topics they go into more detail include: handling top and side ball screens, Duke's philosophy on offense and defense, the numbering system they use for the press, and some other basic questions that coaches saw during the individual workouts and practice. The coaches also include a nice bonus in that they demonstrate 13 quick hitting plays from special situations. This is a valuable chance to get deeper explanation from some of the best minds in the country.

    Preparation is everything in basketball and this DVD gives you an all-access look into how Duke prepares for their season. Rent this basketball practice drills DVD today.

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