(Rental)-All Access: Donovan Skill & Conditioning

  • (Rental)-All Access: Donovan Skill  & Conditioning
  • All Access: Donovan Skill  & Conditioning by Billy Donovan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    All-Access Skill Development & Basketball Conditioning with Billy Donovan

    Former NBA and NCAA head coach Billy Donovan has had a career full of success. He won back-to-back national championships at Florida in 2006 and 2007, won the SEC 10 times, and took four teams to the Final Four. In this video filmed during Donovan’s time at Florida, you will see how Donovan built the program. From strength and conditioning to fundamentals and defense, Donovan breaks it all down for you in three different sections.

    Agility & Basketball Conditioning Workout

    Florida strength and conditioning coach Preston Greene shows you a dynamic stretching and warmup routing that incorporates lane running and defensive slides. Players work through close outs and defensive footwork drills that teach players to pressure and contain the ball.

    This phase of the presentation concludes with two players going through an intensive weight training session. The players perform 10 exercises with maximum effort and pace.

    Perimeter and Post Development

    Coach Donovan takes you to the floor for a fast-paced series of shooting and attacking drills. “Gator Guards” is a drill that works on dribble moves and transition shooting. “Shoot and Move” works on getting set up to shoot and beating the ball to certain areas of the floor.

    Donovan also includes post drills like the Mikan Drill and forces players to compete. You also get the added bonus of watching game highlight footage between the drills that demonstrates the importance of practicing each one.

    Individual Defense Basketball

    Coach Donovan then goes to defense in this third segment. He works in groups of two and four players first working with the perimeter players then posts. He covers all areas of defense from stance to slide technique to help and ball screen responsibilities. Players are taught to discourage the drive and take away the easy three-pointer. He ends this segment by teaching how to defend the most used play in the game today – the ball screen.

    Uncover drills and techniques that have worked at the highest levels and see how you can incorporate them into your program. Rent this basketball conditioning DVD today.

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