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  • (Rental)-All Access: Bob Hurley
  • All Access: Bob Hurley by Bob Hurley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    You will get a chance to experience and learn from one of the all times great coaches. He will not only teach you but motivate your team with the help of individual, position-specific skill development drills, team transition drills, defensive drills and so many other exciting drills that will improve your overall team’s performance.

    The drills that you are going to practice in this ALL Access set are really amazing. All these drills and practices are top notch and it covers every small detail possible and that’s what is expected from an experienced and successful Hall of Fame coach. Whether you are a high school or club coach this DVD is an ideal one for your personal development. This will develop your all the players who are fundamentally sound. The way Coach Hurley explains everything, you will understand and learn the techniques pretty quickly.

    Practice 1

    There is a dynamic warm up in the first practice session of coach Hurley. This dynamic warm up includes passing and cutting drills using a weight ball. This warm up will require the players to use their legs while passing and it will also require an exaggerated from that will improve your technique and will make it more efficient.

    On the other hand, the guards and the post players will do their work as well. They will be divided up to work on position-specific skills. The guards will work on basic ball handling fundamentals, cutting around chairs for pick and roll practice and shooting off of curls.

    Just like the guards, the post players will have their own tasks as well. The post players will run cross screens and flashes in the key, short corner work and some 2-on-2 and 1-on-1 work.

    The Coach Hurley will also make use of 5-on-5 half court situations that will guide you through out of bounds plays. This will also help you in the court sets like that of Friar and Side. In this kind of offense, the player who doesn’t have the ball will be in motion. The practice sessions will come to an end with a 3-on-3 trapping drill which is designed to work both offensive and defensive skills.

    Practice 2

    Now that your offensive skills are covered in the Practice 1. The Coach Hurley will make use of the Practice 2 to work on your defensive skills. The practice will start from a 2-on-1 drill in the half court that converts into a kind of help and recover drill. This will be followed up by a full court lay up drill working on conditioning and technique.

    After the 2-on-1 drill, the team then splits into guard and post position work. The guards will be working on the ball handling fundamentals and dribbling around cones simulating screens, feeding various cuts and also getting their own shots off the dribble.

    On the other hand, the post will have a different job to do as well. The posts will be working on denying post flashes and post entry passes. There are drills like fronting and rebounding for that purpose. The team will also make use of the close outs and the block out methods for the purpose of rebounding.

    Now at the end the coach Hurley will also demonstrates the 4-on-4 shell to get offensive repetition.

    Practice 3

    The main purpose of coach Hurley training is focusing on full court transition, conditioning, power moves to finish at the rim and box out technique drills. The Coach Hurley is so experienced and well organized that every drill implemented by him is useful. This practice is used by coach Hurley to show you how you can defeat a zone defense designed to slow and destroy any man-to-man defense.

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