(Rental)-All Access: Bob Huggins

  • (Rental)-All Access: Bob Huggins
  • All Access: Bob Huggins by Bob Huggins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    From a program builder to recruiter to game strategist, Bob Huggins has a proven track record. He has directed his alma mater to 80 victories. He has also directed the 2010 NCAA Final Four and the 2010 BIG EAST championship during his first three seasons at West Virginia.

    You will get insight about the practices of Coach Huggins in the all-access DVD presentations. These are the practices which the Coach has used to prepare his team for the 2011 season. Furthermore, you will see how Coach Huggins utilized the whole-part method to teach his players how to perform the offensive and defensive system in the best way possible.

    Offensive System

    The players will go through offensive sets designed by Coach Huggins. The break down drills are there to help teach the necessary screens, passes and scoring options. The drills will be broken down in a 5-on-0 setting by Coach Huggins.

    Huggins also explains his Cut & Fill Motion offense and drills which will help to teach you the movement of the offense, the zone offense, the press offense and also the breakdown drills that will further give you knowledge about the press offense.

    Defensive System

    When it comes to tough and aggressive man-to-man defense, the Coach Huggins team is the number one choice. As they give utmost attention to this kind of training. From team defense to individual defense skills, in these practices the drills used are ideal for both. The 14 defensive drills that are highly effective are also shared by the Coach Huggins. These drills will teach the players to defend on the ball, close outs, help and recover, defending screens and also the rotations.

    Rebound and Transition

    Rebound and transitions are two important aspects of the game and the coach Huggins gives huge attention to these two key areas in every drill. Furthermore, there are eight individual development skills in order to improve these areas in the best way possible.

    The philosophy of coach Huggins will be seen in these three practices. Where he breaks down the practice into half offensive and half defensive work as well as having great intensity at both ends of the floor. He believes in developing the muscle memory into reactions by using certain breakdown drills. The Coach Huggins explains and shares everything that he and his team use to do on the offensive and defensive end of the floor.

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