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    Basketball Practice Tips in Video 1:

    Plenty of basketball practice tips from Greg McDermott that will make you a better coach instantly. You will get your hands at the 20 sets that will give you a quick hitting strike. You will be able to learn all the counters and options off of Creighton’s Blitz package. Apart from that a few baseline out of bounds sets that you can add right into your offensive playbook. After you completely learn his set play guide, the next thing you are going to learn is how to defend various actions within their set play package. The players gain important IQ level that will help you counter that the defense throws your way and ultimately you will become unstoppable.

    Basketball Practice 2:

    Now when the afternoon session starts, the coach will demonstrates his experience and knowledge on the defensive side of the floor. He will provide you with detailed drills that he Jays used to build their defensive scheme. Paying attention to detail and being mentally focus is very important and that’s what the players will learn with the help of these drills. The coach will make use of the competitive 5v5 quarter court drill to incorporate defensive build up and execution. In this practice 2, the players will be challenged to go deep on the defensive end in order to attain the important stop that you need to win the game.

    Basketball Practice 3:

    This is going to be the very first practice on Day 2 and the Coach McDermott will break out into station work where he will explain how to defend the flare screen, post to post cross screen, back screen from the wings and also the ball screen action from the wing. The coach leaves no stone unturned as he makes use of the Superman Closeout Drill to teach effective closeouts from the help side position and to create effective habits for defenders that are on infinite repetition.

    Basketball Practice 4:

    The final practice session is very important as everything learned in the previous practice is put into this fourth practice session. The players will go through 5v5 drills that will make use of the drills learned in the previous sessions. The Continuous sets technique is also introduced that is very hand in making the players learn the game flow, communication and the mental toughness. These things are put through the half-court defense, transition and the half-court defense and back again in a game setting. So, there are lots of basketball practice tips happening the practice 4 that will definitely improve different areas of your overall game.

    In order to make you and your team better, each and every drill that you will use will make you competing and efficient. The players will enjoy the chance to improve their games and to get better.  Learn great basketball practice tips with Greg McDermott.

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