(Rental)-Alan Stein's Dematha Basketball: Strength And Power

  • (Rental)-Alan Stein's Dematha Basketball: Strength And Power
  • Alan Stein's Dematha Basketball: Strength And Power by Alan Stein Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    How to develop strength & power when playing basketball.

    When you want to better yourself as a basketballer, it is important you discover various parts of your game which needs improvement.  When you work on those aspects of your game you could develop an all-round strength and power which will take you to the big leagues and make you an asset to your team.  There area few very important details which you would need to work on to develop your game. Some of them include

    • Produce some fast, strong and explosive movements both on the ball and off the ball.
    • To be an asset you have to build your strength and power. And a good way to do that is to win the trust of your coaches by being an injury free player. 
    • As you carry out your training rounds, participate in your own personal training activities to give creativity to your game and make you a standout player from the rest of the players in your team and your opponents.
    • As a coach to boost your player's performance you should help work on their agility and strength. A lot of videos are available today which contains a series of drills which can give you knowledge of a lot of drills which you can use to help your team.

    It is important to note that the strength and power  a basketball player acquire from hours in the gym can make them more explosive in the court. As a coach and a fitness trainer, it is important to make the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the player's body stronger because this will greatly decrease the Possibility of injury and greatly increase improved performance on the court. It is important to use as a coach use exercises which would require a reduced amount of training equipment. This no doubt would reduce cost. Still, focus on doing all you can to boost the strength of your players not necessary neglecting agility and strength just because of cost.  Make good use of alternatives which would also be of help.

    The strength of the ankle and feet

    The greatest part prone to injury in basketball is the ankles.  It is important to do all you can as a coach to build strength there. Also, ensure that you boost the mobility of the ankles and strengthen the foot muscle by using the various barefoot exercises available.


    Build on core strength

    Some of the core strength exercises used in basketball include the plank exercises, the mini-band exercises, dumbbell exercises, physioball exercises, stretch-band exercises and so on.

    Good use of plyometrics

    To make your players show more strength and power on the court you need to carry out two important things in training

    Strengthen the muscles in the body especially in the hip region, the lower body and the core of the body.

    You also need to drill your players on jumping exercises and practice how to be more explosive. As a coach, you need to train your players to not only jump but master their landing too. You need to also make the jumping and landing practical to real-life situations in the court.

     Strengthen the lower and upper body

    Make use of popular exercises like squats,  step-ups, wall sits to increase the lower body strength and power of your players.  Encourage more balance when your players carryout push-ups and pull-ups.

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