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    Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense

    If you are playing Cascade HS in Iowa, it’s going to be a long night. Long-time head coach Al Marshall and his 2-3 zone is one of the best defenses to ever grace a high school basketball floor. Marshall’s defense has been so good it has helped him win over 700 games. His 738 victories rank him third in the state of Iowa. Marshall has 42 district and conference championships in his 45 years of coaching and in this video he shares the secrets behind his smothering 2-3 zone.

    Coach Marshall’s 2-3 Zone is a proven system that works at the high school level. Marshall’s teams have led the state of Iowa in field goal percentage allowed for six straight seasons. In addition, Coach Marshall and his Cascade Cougars set a school record by limiting opponents to just 31.9 points per game for an entire season. When teams can’t score, they can’t win.

    The 2-3 zone taught by Coach Marshall is unique and different than the basic 2-3 zone implemented across the country. It is not a lazy defense where defenders simply sit back with their hands up. Coach Marshall teaches an aggressive attacking mentality that smothers opponents. The beauty in the system is that Marshall emphasizes just a few basic concepts making his 2-3 zone system easy to teach.

    Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense Keys to Success

    Coach Marshall’s presentation begins with a discussion of the keys to successful zone defense, the initial setup and the basic slides. You will see the drills that Coach Marshall uses to build the defense including drills to develop quickness and anticipation. Using live demonstrations of his 2-3, Coach Marshall reviews the key teaching points and how the 2-3 zone takes away easy shots and frustrates the offense.

    The presentation then gets into common offenses and how they attack the 2-3 zone. Coach Marshall discusses how to defend certain set plays that he sees as well as how to make adjustments based on an opponent and your personnel.

    This is a complete and proven 2-3 zone defensive system that is easy to install. Coach Marshall shows you exactly how it can be done in this 110-minute video presentation. Become a defense your opponents will hate by adding this video to your collection today! Rent Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense DVD today.

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