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  • Agility & Conditioning by Alan Stein Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Agility & Conditioning

    When you include training activities that boost agility and conditioning, you can sharpen the competitiveness of your team. You can also motivate your team chemistry with a wide variety of conditioning drills. Many sports such as basketball involves movements which boost the agility of players. There are so many available agility drills, reaction and change or direction activities which can help your team. It is important to note that there is a big difference between keeping fit and having s basketball shape. Playing basketball requires a lot of activities which would help the player posses a wide range of agility and conditioning strength which could help players to have a better performance, speed and athleticism.


    Importance of agility drills

    When you want to carry out agility drills it is important to pay close attention to your speed. What counts for your agility is your ability to run with speed, then decelerate as quickly as possible and also change direction quickly. The art of developing agility makes one better in the court, especially in basketball. Many coaches can replicate real-life game situations that require agility and these drills make players better.  Agility drills are very important to basketball players and coaches endeavour to include it as part of their training.


    Importance of Team conditioning

    It is important to know that the continuous running technique is not the best as a team conditioner. Making good used of more creative drills can also help keep the players of the team motivated and carry out different running drills. Many coaches form specific conditioning activities to meet the specific requirements of the players. There are also a lot of ideas that can be modified so as to create a good number of drills and various exercises to strengthen team activities.

    To accomplish more agility and conditioning among players, it is good to Incorporate agility drills to training sessions.  This can be done through verbal or visual means. Making good use of this kind of drills will help the athlete to make more movement when they get to the court.  Some coaches carry out their agility tasks by using various cones and also giving Commands.

    Even though a certain player is the quickest on the team,  he still needs to participate in agility drills.  This is because there is a big difference between speed and agility to read and react.  It is important for all players to improve in their reaction time. This is important because once their reaction time is quick,  their movement will also seem quick even though they may not be the quickest. This highlight extensively the importance of agility and conditioning to players.

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