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  • Aggressive Match Up Zone Defense by Sharman White Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Aggressive Match-Up Zone Defense

    The match-up zone defense is one of the most difficult for offenses to crack. In this video, Pace Academy (GA) head coach Sharman White presents you with an in-depth breakdown of the principles behind a matchup zone. He also shares why he believes every coach should have this type of defense in his arsenal. White is a former Georgia State assistant who also has served with USA Men’s Basketball. He has won seven Georgia Class AAAA state titles and the matchup zone defense is a big part of why.

    Matchup Zone Breakdown

    Coach White begins by describing the qualities needed by players in each position of the zone. He then moves into each player’s individual responsibilities when the ball is in their area and at other spots on the floor. You will hear White say that the best zone defenses have man principles built in and the best man defenses have elements of zone. The matchup zone combines the best of both to pressure the ball and confuse the offense.

    The matchup zone defense is versatile and allows teams to be aggressive and attack an offense. White covers a number of key concepts including:

    • How to position and rotate players off the ball
    • How players communicate to know where their help defense is at all times
    • How to adjust for both overload attacks and ball screens

    Game Situations

    Coach White goes into detail on the rebounding responsibilities in the matchup zone. Rebounding is especially important in the matchup zone as is defending baseline out of bounds plays. White breaks down coverage of these plays with the matchup zone. His presentation is very thorough so that you can teach and implement the defense.

    Throughout the presentation, Coach White takes questions from coaches in attendance giving you even greater detail on how to defend specific situations or attacks. You will learn how the matchup zone can be tweaked to defend any attack an offense throws at you. This is a unique defense that can cause havoc for opponents and Coach White presents everything you need to start playing it today.

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