(Rental)-Advanced Dribble Drive Offense: Zone & Transition Game

  • (Rental)-Advanced Dribble Drive Offense: Zone & Transition Game
  • Advanced Dribble Drive Offense: Zone & Transition Game by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Advanced Dribble-Drive Offense: Dribble Drive Zone Offense  & Transition Game

    The founder of the Dribble Drive Attack offense, Vance Walberg is back with a deeper look into the offense. The former Sacramento Kings assistant reviews the basics of his dribble drive offense and then goes into some new innovations in the system. You’ll see some of the basics like offensive terminology, spacing, player positions, and more before Walberg gets into what’s new with the dribble drive zone offense.

    Over the years, Walberg has made changes to the Dribble Drive. You will see some of those new innovations in this presentation. Some of those changes include the S-gap, the use of the dribble, T-cut, rub cut, X cut, corner cut, and thumb cut. Walberg also describes the value of eyes up, the value of the shoulders, and the tear drop shot and pass.

    Transition into the dribble drive offense is important to the offense’s success. Coach Walberg teaches player positioning and responsibilities in transition as well as points of emphasis using five fast break drills. These help players create proper spacing to flow right into the dribble drive.

    When trying to stop the dribble drive, most opponents will go to a zone defense first. Coach Walberg shows you how to take advantage of zone defenses using a variety of actions. These include 2-game, push action, push with 2-game, and more. Each action is explained and then Coach Walberg takes his players through it on the floor.

    Coach Walberg then looks at ten of the most frequently asked questions about the dribble drive. He shares his answers and then leads right into some in-game video that helps to explain the various components of the offense.

    This DVD is a must-have for coaches looking to install the entire Dribble Drive Attack offense into their programs!  Rent this dribble drive zone offense DVD today.

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