(Rental)-Aau Girls: Post Player Skill Development

  • (Rental)-Aau Girls: Post Player Skill Development
  • Aau Girls: Post Player Skill Development by Sherri Coale Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball is a collaborative sport that necessitates individual skills for optimal performance and team success. Sherri Coale, Head Women's Basketball Coach at the University of Oklahoma and 10-time Big 12 Conference Champions (including six regular-season and four tournament titles), provides an assortment of over 20 skill-specific drills to highlight the significance of cultivating fundamental skills before players engage in a team-oriented atmosphere.

    The coach emphasizes footwork and pre-possession labor in securing a favorable position for post players, laying the foundation for developing hand-eye coordination (in order to cleanly receive a post entry pass), the utilization of a power dribble to create space, body positioning to prevent blocked shots and seal off defenders, and finishing around the rim (including in transition).

    Coach Coale extensively explains the critical aspect of post play, the establishment of position, and the correlation with increased post touches and more points. To achieve this, the coach demonstrates how to effectively teach players to catch the ball, especially when under duress, utilizing her hands package. This package teaches post players the proper technique to catch the ball and position it in a "vice" hold at the chin to execute any move. Coale employs the Mikan Drill to teach her players how to finish around the rim once they catch the basketball. In her Love Series, Coach Coale diagrams how post players can effectively execute a catch, pivot, and square to the rim maneuver.

    The V-Cut series is an example of the shooting drills that coaches can immediately implement for their post players. Coale demonstrates how to catch the ball quickly and get many repetitions in game settings and at game speed.

    Discover the essential basketball skills necessary for success as a player, as well as the demands and expectations successful coaches have for their teams, by ordering now.

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