(Rental)-Aau Girls : Full & Half Court Team Defense

  • (Rental)-Aau Girls : Full & Half Court Team Defense
  • Aau Girls : Full & Half Court Team Defense by Sherri Coale Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Full and Half Court Team Defense Learn a variety of defensive systems from one of NCAA women’s basketball’s best – Oklahoma head coach Sherri Coale. Coach Coale transformed the Sooners program into a perennial Big 12 conference contender and has won 10 total conference titles (six regular season and four tournament). She even took the Sooners to back-to-back Final Four appearances in 2009 and 2010 and was the NCAA runner-up in 2002. In this video Coach Coale presents a wealth of knowledge about defense. You will gain a basic understanding of a number of different defensive systems, one of which is sure to fit the strength of your team. Man-to-Man Coach Coale begins to introduce man-to-man defense through a series of live ball reaction drills that train players to defend a cutter, the jab step, a change of direction move, or a dead ball situation. Coale goes over the basic fundamentals of defense including stance, close out technique, ball screen defense, and jumping to the ball. 1-on-0 and full-court closeout drills make sure your players are able to slide in front of any ball handler and have the proper hand up to contest shots. Coach Coale teaches basic ball-you-man relationships to ensure players know how to be successful whether they are one, two, or three passes from the ball. Players also learn how to defend cuts and dribble penetration in 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 shell drills. It all builds up to a 5-on-5 Shell drill where players put it all together. Zone, Trapping, and Junk Defense Coach Coale demonstrates a number of zone defenses including a 2-3, a 3-2, and a 1-3-1 trap. She emphasizes that coaches must use man-to-man principles when playing zone. To dial up the pressure, Coale gets into full-court zone traps like the diamond-and-1 and 2-2-1 presses. These defenses force opponents to catch the ball in dangerous situations, ones where they can be trapped by two defenders. Coach Coale also gives an overview of special defenses like the box-and-1 and triangle-and-2. Both can be used against an offensive star. Post Defense In order to be successful playing any defense, you must be able to defend the post. Coach Coale outlines how to build a great post defender as well as how to trap in the post. There is a ton of valuable information in this video. Coach Coale provides you with all you need to create the ultimate lock-down defense!
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