(Rental)-Aau Boys Basketball Series: Building Your Team Defense

  • (Rental)-Aau Boys Basketball Series: Building Your Team Defense
  • Aau Boys Basketball Series: Building Your Team Defense by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    In this video, you will learn four key ways on how to improve your team's defense that will create fear in your opposition. You will be able to implement drills that will help your players effectively defend against screens. You will be able to create effective  turnovers and seamless transition buckets by means of relentless full-court pressure, trapping and zone pressure. Your players will be able to easily create traps in the half-court game by using a change-of-pace defense such as the 2-3 zone

    These drills will transform your team’s defense from a mediocre one to a world-class one. Make use of tough man-to-man defense that will heap immense pressure on the ball and stop any dribble penetration.

    The video describes extensively the four basic things every defense needs. The teaching style in the video makes it easy for coaches to grasp the points and to successfully implement the training drills to improve the defense of the team. You will also be able to identify the mistakes your players make in the defense and make the corrections.

    You will learn how to build the defense of your team from the side up by means of the 2-on-2, 3-on-3, 4-on-4 drills. Your players will learn how to rotate properly to successfully stop dribble penetration. Improve your transition defense do that your team does not easily lose baskets. There are also drills that will help your team defend successfully against screens, especially if this is an area that your team needs work on.

    You can add some variety to your training drills by implementing the 2-3 zone to implement a change-of-pace defense. Learn how to trap out the 2-3 zone and turn up the heat on your opponents thus making your team one to be feared. You can trap your opponents out by wing traps, deep corner traps, and half-court line trap. You will also learn trapping angles and rotations that will help you create easy baskets and quick turnovers. You can also make use of an aggressive 2-3 zone that shuts down critical gaps in your defense and provides a segment on rebounding within the zone.

    Also, complete your defense by mean of the Diamond and 1 Full Court Press to create a trapping and tracking mentality that will help your basketball players change the pace of the game and effectively counterattack. If you are looking to improve the defense of your basketball team, you will find the defensive drills helpful and you will be able to adopt a defensive philosophy that will build your team's defense and help your basketball players compete at the greatest level.

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