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  • How to Coach Youth Basketball
  • Aau Boys Basketball Series: Building A Championship Program by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    How to Coach Youth Basketball Like a Pro

    The coach Fraschilla has been coaching major college basketball for past 23 years and his experience and knowledge is immense. He has watched his sons go from strength to strength and he knows each and every vital spot of basketball and how can one team unleash their true potential. The coach will help you improve your techniques, attitudes and organizational skills.

    This lecture style presentations are very interesting and you will learn lots of things in it. The coach will outline each and everything for you and you will have to pay attention to every point in order to improve your game and philosophy.

    • Concepts and qualities of a great point guard to lead your team.
    • Things that can hamper your offensive performance regardless of how skilled your players are.
    • Key concepts that will get your players to play together and play unselfishly.

    These ideas are very important and beneficial therefor the coach will make you go through several drills that will be demonstrated on the court. The drills include 4-on-3 Lane Passing Drill, Post Feed and Cut Drill, the 45 Degree Cut Drill, and 3 Spots to 7 Shooting drill.

    How to Coach Youth Basketball with Fran Fraschilla

    When you have a proper plan and strategy then it minimizes the unexpected hurdles in no time. It will also help the players to take their game to the next level. You will also go through the practice philosophy of the coach Fraschilla and this philosophy revolves around 7-% of the time dedicated to the basics and fundamentals to help players build their skills and improve their overall game. This will also help you play more efficiently and compete at a high level. Furthermore, you will also learn how to get the maximum output from your drills and how to stay focused and there are so many other things that will be covered. Rent this How to Coach Youth Basketball DVD today.

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