(Rental)-50 Set Plays For Attacking Man To Man Defense

  • (Rental)-50 Set Plays For Attacking Man To Man Defense
  • 50 Set Plays For Attacking Man To Man Defense by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    50 Set Plays for Attacking Man-to-Man Defense

    Coaches would give just about anything to get inside the mind of the best college basketball coaches in the country. In this collection of offensive sets from the game’s best, you get to do exactly that. This video provides you with a variety of offensive plays that include half-court sets that represent some of the most well-known formations like Horns, 5-Out, Hi-Low, and many more. Here’s what is included:

    Duke Elbow Series

    The Elbow Series from Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and assistant Chris Collins can produce an easy 3-point opportunity with added rebound protection at the rim. Coach Krzyzewski and Coach Collins demonstrate the Elbow Series which includes Elbow Weak, Elbow Up, and Elbow Get. Each play spaces the floor for the best scoring chance.

    Fred Hoiberg Series

    Former Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg shares a number of plays from his 5-Out formation. You will see 50 Pistol, 50 Dive Stick, and 50 Dive Special each with the ability to produce a scoring opportunity at the rim or a 3-point attempt. Coach Hoiberg also presents Horns Handoff Burn, High Stacks Pacer, L, Owl, and High to give you a number of different ways to create scoring chances from multiple spots on the floor.

    Tom Izzo Series

    From Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo, you will get his Chest, Chest Down, Thumb Down, and Horns, and I plays. Izzo emphasizes sharp cuts, a lot of quick ball movement, and misdirection in an attempt to get a shot at the rim or a reversal and a weak side jumper.

    Larry Brown Series

    You will see how former NBA and SMU head coach Larry Brown gets his posts to take advantage of defenders using Split, Horns, and Horns Shake. Posts move quickly from screen-and-roll perimeter action to the low-block scoring position.

    Gregg Marshall Series

    In this segment, you will see Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall put his team through the 41 Iso Play. It is designed to use stagger screens to free up an open shooter when a baseline drive is cut off.

    Greg McDermott Series

    A series of nine plays is demonstrated by Creighton head coach Greg McDermott. Each play has a counter for how a defense might play it. McDermott goes through plays like Blitz, Blitz 1 Down, and Blitz 1 Back to take advantage of movement and secure the post for an easy basket against an out-of-position defender.

    Dave Paulsen Series

    To help players that might otherwise not be able to get open, Bucknell head coach Dave Paulsen shares his V-Entry and Rip plays. Using stagger screens, spacing, and quick ball reversals defenses are put into difficult positions and give up easy shots.

    Tim Floyd Segment

    Tim Floyd’s NBA influence is apparent as the former UTEP head coach shares his 43 play. The idea is to use court spacing and high screen and roll to produce dribble penetration at mid-key with two perimeter shooters ready in the corners.

    Tara VanDerveer Segment

    Watch as Hall of Fame Stanford women’s head coach Tara VanDerveer runs her team through Scram, a play designed to force a defense to overplay a double screen. The motivated defense leaves a screener open on a duck-in at the rim.

    Pat Summitt Series

    Former Tennessee women’s head coach Pat Summitt guides her team through Spin, Horns, and Horns 2. This series of plays is designed to get the ball inside for a layup.

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