(Rental)-4 Out & 5 Out Man Offense & Skill Development

  • (Rental)-4 Out & 5 Out Man Offense & Skill Development
  • 4 Out & 5 Out Man Offense & Skill Development by Kermit Davis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    4-Out and 5-Out Man Offense and Skill Development

    Ole Miss head coach Kermit Davis has built successful programs by developing offensive skills in his players to fit any style of offense. Davis has won Coach of the Year awards in Conference USA (2017), the Sun Belt (2012, 2013), and the SEC (2019). It’s a testament to his ability as a leader.

    In this video, Coach Davis breaks down 4-out and 5-out offensive actions that he has used to help his teams compete against much tougher opponents. You will find actions in this presentation that you can add to any offensive system.

    4-Out Motion

    Today’s game is big on ball screens. Coach Davis uses off-ball screens to create movement and scoring opportunities. He starts with a stagger screen demonstrating how to set the screen and avoid being called for an illegal pick. The single stagger screen then develops to a screen-the-screener action away from the ball to get post players into the mix.

    You can use your post players to set ball screens, if that is your style of offense. Coach Davis shows you a number of ways to attack using the ball screen. First, you’ll see how to keep good spacing. You’ll see how a drive can turn into a pick and pop for a post player and how re-screening action gets your guards attacking downhill. Davis also shows you how to use trailing post players to attack the rim.

    5-Out Motion

    In today’s game of small-ball with no true post player, Coach Davis shows you how to use a pin down screen and read it to create a scoring opportunity. Coach Davis is big on movement and being physical. Setting good screens and cutting hard off the ball will test opposing defenses.

    Next on the list is a series of hand-off actions, pin downs, and follow-your-pass ball screen actions that create movement. These types of actions make the offense more dynamic and difficult to defend.

    Davis’s 4-out and 5-out motion offenses are used to get the most out of his players. With actions that do not use a ball screen, Coach Davis uses them early and often. This video will provide you with plenty of actions that you can incorporate into any offensive system.

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