(Rental)-3 Zone Offenses To Beat Any Zone Defense

  • (Rental)-3 Zone Offenses To Beat Any Zone Defense
  • 3 Zone Offenses To Beat Any Zone Defense by Jim Larranaga Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Jim Larranaga: 3 Zone Offenses to Beat Any Zone Defense

    University of Miami head coach Jim Larranaga has enjoyed success everywhere he has been. He took George Mason to the Final Four in 2006 and took Miami to the Sweet Sixteen in 2013 when he earned the AP National Coach of the Year award. One of the things that has contributed to Larranaga’s success is an offensive attack that can break down any defense, including zone defenses.

    In this on-court clinic presentation, Coach Larranaga diagrams three-zone offenses you can use to beat any zone defense. He then takes those offenses on the court to demonstrate how he uses ball movement, man movement, screening, dribble penetration, and offensive rebounding to beat zone defenses. You’ll see each offense in a 5-on-0 and then a 5-on-5 setting.

    Slice & Dice Zone Offense

    The Slice & Dice is great against most any zone, but primarily the 2-3, 3-2, and 1-2-2. The offenses uses four perimeter players and one post. It forces the defense to move, communicate, and change their matchups.

    Crack & Carve Zone Offense

    The Crack & Carve is good against the same 2-3, 3-2, or 1-2-2 zone defenses. The difference is that this offense will utilize two post players. The idea, as the name attests, is for the two post players to carve out space, set screens, and create good shots either for themselves or for their teammates.

    Seek & Find Zone Offense

    The Seek & Find Offense is used specifically for the 1-3-1 zone defense. This offense uses a 4-Out formation and then uses combinations of diagonal passing, back screens, down screens, and penetration to break down and dismantle the zone thereby creating open shots.

    With three different zone offenses, you have the ability to install the one that best fits your personnel. You can also install all three and use them in different situations. Order now to take advantage of Coach Larranaga’s expertise in designing zone offenses.

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