(Rental)-3 Out, 2 In Zone Offense

  • (Rental)-3 Out, 2 In Zone Offense
  • 3 Out, 2 In Zone Offense by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The first step in attacking the zone is to get the ball into the zone. Coach Dixon places a high value on players who can catch, pass, and make plays in traffic. To simulate playing against a zone, the first drill is a shooting drill starting at the baseline. Priorities include catch, rim and partner. Throw opposite is also an option. Playing 3-on-0 around the perimeter can help to break down the perimeter. Guards can be used to fill in the corners, wings, and points. Dixon teaches a hard dribble and jump-stop into the zone to ensure penetration. The zone offense can be demonstrated in a 5-on-5 alignment using many of Dixon's options. This offense can exploit the short corner, which is an area of the floor that is vulnerable for defense. High post is another area that can be used by the offense. On the perimeter, the on-ball screen can allow penetration into the zone gaps and cause coverage problems for defense. To create movement, set plays are used in the early stages of a possession. This allows for the flow into the main offensive attack. This zone offense has the advantage of taking advantage of weak areas and making it work through ball and player movement.

    47 minutes. 2007.

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