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  • 2018 John Calipari Coaching Clinic
  • 2018 John Calipari Coaches Clinic by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    2018 John Calipari Coaching Clinic

    Kentucky head coach John Calipari has a room full of accolades as the leader of one of America’s blueblood programs. The Hall of Fame coach has gathered 30 conference titles – 15 regular season and 15 tournament – throughout his career. He is a three-time Naismith National Coach of the Year and guided the Wildcats to the 2012 national championship. Now, you have the opportunity to sit in on open practice sessions where Coach Calipari covers every phase of the game, including how to plan your practices.

    John Calipari Coaching Clinic Part 1

    The practice begins with a set of warm-up drills that also serve to teach different phases of the game. Players go through shooting and conditioning drills as the intensity of the practice begins to build. Coach Calipari sets goals for various drills and tracks the results to keep players performing at their maximum. What you will find in this part of the video is the number of ways Calipari challenges and motivates his players during the course of any drill. He explains the reasoning behind the techniques he uses to keep his players playing at a high level. Coach Calipari also dives into the mental aspect of practice and game planning. He believes in creating a culture of toughness as well as defining player roles to increase trust among teammates.

    John Calipari Coaching Clinic Part 2

    Coach Calipari's assistant coaches show you how to assess and improve individual and team shooting in the second part of the video. Calipari emphasizes accountability as well as fundamental technique in a variety of shooting drills designed to improve players’ accuracy and increase their range. You will see both individual and team shooting drills. Calipari and his assistants cover a number of shots and combinations such as footwork off of shot fakes and stop-and-go and retreat dribbles. You also get to see how the goal tracking works to help players transfer skills from practice to game day. After a heavy dose of offense, Coach Calipari turns his focus to defense. He discusses the 1-3-1 and 2-3 and how you can improve rotations and court coverage. There is an emphasis on matching players to specific positions within the zone. This helps to get the most out of every player on your roster. With his years of success, Coach Calipari offers you a wealth of information in this clinic video. You will find a number of drills that you can adapt to meet the needs of your program and take it to new heights. Rent the John Calipari Coaching Clinic DVD set now.

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