(Rental)-20 Quick-hitting Transition Offense Plays

  • 20 Transition Offense Plays for basketball
  • 20 Quick-hitting Transition Offense Plays by Andy Enfield Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Andy Enfield: 20 Quick-Hitting Transition Offense Plays

    USC head coach Andy Enfield will inspire you to adopt his quick-hitting style of basketball in this video which features 20 different plays used in the transition offense. Enfield was the former head coach at Florida Gulf Coast, a team that became the first-ever No. 15 seed to go the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament.

    In this video, Enfield teaches you how to attack a defense quickly and score early in transition before a defense has time to set up. By the end of the presentation, you should discover how to incorporate what Enfield presents into your own philosophy and style of offense. Using on-court demonstration, get an up close look at Enfield’s transition offense.

    Philosophy of Transition Offense Plays

    Enfield is a firm believer in quick-hitting, fast-paced transition offense. His teams get up the floor and attempt to beat a defense before it has time to get set. For Enfield, the most important concept that players must learn involves getting into the right set up with the proper spacing as quickly as possible. Within two to three seconds of the outlet pass to the point guard, players should be in the right set and space the floor.

    Transition Plays

    Coach Enfield presents clearly not just a group of set plays, but also the ideas behind the plays and how to exploit weaknesses within defenses. Enfield then demonstrates more than 20 effective plays that he uses in his transition offense. Some of the specific plays you will see include:

    • Staggered weak side screens
    • Quick rip weak side wing
    • Ball screen
    • Skip action
    • Single drag high ball screen
    • Double drag
    • Wing entry, double high
    • Hit the trailer for flex option
    • Horns action
    • Wing entries
    • Triple handoff into back screen

    With more than 20 quick-hitting, highly effective transition plays, Coach Enfield’s 80-minute clinic video will have you running the transition offense with success in no time. Rent this transition offense plays DVD today.

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