(Rental)-20 Quick Hitters For Scoring Against Man Or Zone

  • Quick hitters for basketball man to man or zone
  • 20 Quick Hitters For Scoring Against Man Or Zone by Jeff Walz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Quick Hitters for Basketball Against Man or Zone

    Jeff Walz has built the Louisville women’s basketball program into a national power with two trips to the national championship game and another six to the Sweet Sixteen. In 2018, Walz took the Cardinals to the ACC championship and a trip to the Final Four. In this video, he shares 20 quick-hitting plays that helped turn his Cardinals into a national title contender. Walz shares plays that can be used against man-to-man or zone defense and Coach Walz adds plays that can be used in a full-court, end-of-game situation.

    Zone Quick Hitters for Basketball

    Coach Walz offers up nine quick hitters for basketball to use against the 2-3 zone. Players learn to create misdirection to allow an open shot for your best shooter. The post is used as a screener in an effort to score on layups around the rim or to get an open shot for your best shooters. Walz also shows you how to attack gaps in the zone to create mismatches and end up with scoring opportunities.

    Man-to-Man Quick Hitters for Basketball

    Man-to-man defenses can be picked apart with the Top, Green, and 41 groups of quick hitters. Each groups of set plays offers a number of inside and outside scoring options. Each also has counters and other variations that can overcome anything a defense throws at you.

    Special Situations

    Having set plays for crucial game situations is a must and Coach Walz shows you how to navigate the full-court, end-of-game scenario. Using misdirection, the offense can travel the full distance of the court and get an opportunity to score using two of Walz’s strategies – the Stack and Illinois. Both are baseline inbounds plays designed to get a scoring chance in the final seconds of a game.

    Coach Walz offers a number of ways to score from inside the paint and outside on the perimeter in this 52-minute video. Coaches are sure to find a few quick hitters that they can add to their playbook to beat any defense that an opponent throws at you. Rent this quick hitters for basketball DVD today.

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