(Rental)-15 Perfect Practice Drills for Basketball

  • (Rental)-15 Perfect Practice Drills for Basketball
  • 15 Perfect Practice Drills for Basketball by Jeff Boals Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
  • (Rental)-15 Perfect Practice Drills for Basketball
  • 15 Perfect Practice Drills for Basketball by Jeff Boals Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The complete guide to implementing and using better daily practice drills for sustainable success.

    • Pre-practice drills to help you master key concepts, including passing drills for 3-man, 5-man, and 8-man.
    • This video will explain how to stop dribble penetration. It teaches proper close-out technique and prevents open perimeter shots.
    • High-value, dynamic defensive drills, including the "Kill Drill" (3 stops in succession) and the "Stop Score, Stop Drill", a tough, competitive drill that aims to stop defense within a time limit.
    • You'll also be able to learn the Nets Transition Drill, which will help improve your team's ability on the floor.

    Jeff Boals, Ohio University's head men's basketball coach, has made a significant impact on the success of the program. This video features the Bobcats' leader, Jeff Boals, who gives viewers a highly informative, fast-paced instructional session. It is packed with drills, coaching points and valuable information that can be used immediately in your next practice.

    Boals shares a wealth of knowledge with this video. It includes 15 practice drills and proven coaching techniques that will help your team's transition offense. There is also a coach guide to building a lockdown defense.

    Blueprint For Better Practices & Passing Drills

    Boals, who is a coach and a member of the board, discusses the importance to create a solid practice plan that focuses on the daily goals of the team. Then, Boals demonstrates daily drills that can be used to improve the skills of each player and collectively improve the team.

    On-court drills are shown to help improve a teamÕs transition offense. Boals does an exceptional job of weaving in details and coaching points into the mix while explaining each passing drill, which include: a 6-player and 8-player pass-and-replace drill, a full-court passing-and-communication drill that emphasizes making the perfect pass, a 3-man baseline passing drill and the 'One-More Drill,' which stresses the concept of always making an extra pass.

    Defensive Drills

    Boals then shines the spotlight upon his top defensive drills. He demonstrates and explains these drills.

    Boals gives viewers the Tip-Rebound-Run DrillÕ, the Nets Transition DrillÕ (a 5-on-4 scramble), and the?Ball-Screen Gauntlet'.

    Boals is quick to provide viewers with a video packed with great instructional coaching information, must-see on-court action and highly-effective drills that will benefit coaches of all levels.

    61 minutes. 2022.

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