(Rental)-100 Drills & Sets For Implementing The Dribble Drive

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    The Dribble Drive offense Coach Vance Walberg is one of the most recent trending strategies in the world of basketball. It has taking the teams by storm! In this on-court presentation, Coach Walberg shared his individual breakdown drills by positioning and demonstrating the team drills he uses while teaching the offense.


    Coach Walberg offered a detailed breakdown of positions of the individual skills needed to run the dribble drive most efficiently. He brought up over 40 drills to compliment his Daily 45 drills (as seen in Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense) and included not just offensive footwork movement but also getting shots within the offensive framework.

    When you follow this presentation, you'll pick some of his favorite drills such as "20 Minutes of 3's." in this scheme; players are paired up and must get through several preliminary shooting exercises before shooting 3's. The players would chart their shots to see how many they make in the time allowed. It is one of the greatest conditioning drill and it will enable you determine who will be your "Streak Shooters."

    Coach Walberg also shared individual drills for the 4-man including quick ups, lobs, jump-jump, re-locations, clean-ups, combinations, and the "Drop 4 series".


    Coach Walberg utilized over 60 breakdown drills/sets to instruct and illusterated the formations and action of the Dribble Drive offense. These breakdowns are three-man groups including 1-2-4 breakdown, 1-4-5 breakdown, and 2-3-4 breakdown. In these breakdown groups, Coach Vance Walberg would take you through the dribble drive actions that may take place and the movements involved.

    He as well shared examples of the rack series, drop series, drag series, fist series, pistol series, quick series, replace series, kickback series, 415 series, re-loop series, thumbs up series, and skip series. Combining different players, Walberg explained the series actions and how the formation of plays comes together for the Dribble Drive.

    In the on-court presentation,Walberg wrapped it all in his "Two Stops or One Turnover Drill" which is a half court, 5-on-5 drill used to reinforce the breakdown drill work. This DVD set demonstrated deeply how the Dribble Drive offense works and ways to help teach it to your team. It is a must have for anyone using or thinking of installing the Dribble Drive.

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