(Rental)-10 Point Shell Drill For Man To Man Defense

  • (Rental)-10 Point Shell Drill For Man To Man Defense
  • 10 Point Shell Drill For Man To Man Defense by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Jamie Dixon is known for teaching players how to defend the floor. The 10-point shell drill, which covers all possible defensive scenarios, anchors the Pitt defense during games. Dixon instructs the players about the correct position and technique for each spot as the ball is reversed around the perimeter. Automatic penetration occurs to the baseline when the ball touches the wing. To keep the ball from entering the paint, the weaker side defense must be in a support position and adjust towards the ball. The goal is to penetrate the middle by moving players to the corners. Good man-to-man defense is built on good posture, vision, and movement in the direction the pass is going. All teams must defend the ball screen. Dixon explains how to provide on-ball coverage that is both aggressive and minimizes risk. Other sets that Dixon defends are the UCLA screen set and the flex-and flare screen set. The final component is to double the post and double the on-ball screen. Dixon shows you how to play a tough, aggressive double-team game. Dixon demonstrates that practice can prepare you for almost any situation in a game with the 10-point shell drill.

    61 minutes. 2007.

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