(Rental)-1--1--3 Man Zone Defense

  • (Rental)-1--1--3 Man Zone Defense
  • 1--1--3 Man Zone Defense by Mike Dunlap Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Mike Dunlap is famous for his instruction and defensive strategy. Coach Dunlap presents a brutal 1-1-3 defense along with other philosophical beliefs that can be used to transform your program. He presents the same ideas and coaching techniques that transformed his St. John's team from the Big East cellar to a contender.

    1-1-3 Fundamentals

    Dunlap presents his 1-1-3 defense in a unique way by showing actual footage of his team running the defense against some top teams in the country. He details the goals of the defense such as trapping, ball pressure, taking advantage of alley's and sidelines, and how to keep the ball out of the danger areas such as the high and low post.

    Drills and Instruction

    The DVD progresses from the classroom to the court with drill work. Dunlap begins with a full court 2-2-1 press that transitions back into a 1-1-3 half court defense. The basis of every defense is defending the ball and Dunlap does a tremendous job of coaching on-ball techniques in his 1-on-1 drill. He then progresses into a 2-on-2, 4-on-2, and 4-on-5 drills to teach his players how to suffocate passing lanes and put pressure on the ball in the full court. These drills are the foundation of the defense and if your players can successfully do them you will see dramatic improvements in your team defense.

    Dunlap spends a great deal of team on teaching players to move with the pass. This is one of the most fundamental skills needed for any zone defense but especially the 1-1-3 with its emphasis on deflections and ball pressure. This 1-1-3 also prevents the most trendy basketball play being used today in the screen-and-roll.

    Coach Dunlap's incredible passion and in depth knowledge provide you an amazing opportunity to learn how to run a successful 1-1-3 zone defense.

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