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    Read and React Zone Offense Attack

    The Read and Reack Zone Offense is run the same way as it is in man to man but with some adjustments.  For example, in the pass and cut layer, players will still cut after they pass but they will now stop in a spot and stay there for one pass.  A player could cut and go to the short coner, mid-post, or high post on either side of the court.

    The Read and React Offense Zone Attack also features the Pin and Skip action where the two players on the weak side of the zone attack a defender.  One player will screen the zone defender and the other will be open for the shot because of the screen being set.

    Read and React Zone Offense Sets

    The Read and React Zone Offense Attack sets are just like the man to man version - 3 Out, 4 Out, and 5 Out. You can attack any type of zone with the Read & React Offense.  You'll find that if you face a 1-3-1 it would be better to attack with a 4 Out 1 in.  If you face a 2-3 Zone you would want to run the 3 Out or 5 Out sets.  This puts your players into the natural gaps of the zone defense.

    Using the Read and React Offense will allow you to attack both man and zone defenses with the same principles making it easier for your players to attack any type of defense they see without having to learn a whole new system or new offense.

    The Read and React Zone Offense Attack will have you moving the ball from side to side, still attacking off the dribble, and teaching your players how to play basketball instead of making them robots who have to run from spot to spots.  Rent the Read and React Zone Offense DVD today.

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