(Rental)-Proven Way To Beat Zone Defenses

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  • (Rental)-Proven Way To Beat Zone Defenses
  • Proven Way To Beat Zone Defenses by Bob Brown Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    A Proven Way to Beat Zone Defense

    Bob Brown has coached over five decades at the high school and college levels and understands how to attack & beat zone defenses. With over 600 career wins and four state championships, Coach Brown goes on the court to show you how to break down both even- and odd-front zone defenses. He teaches you his two most effective zone offenses which are easy to install but difficult to defend. Both offenses have been used successfully from the high school level all the way to NCAA Division I.

    Zone Offense vs. Even Fronts

    Coach Brown’s zone offense against an even front defense is predicated on spacing by the wings to create overloads and open up the high post. Playing the 4 at the high post and putting the 5 in the short corner creates a defensive imbalance. Coach Brown’s offense stresses quick precise passing. Skip passes and appropriate slides keep the defense chasing the ball. You will see a few drills to add to your practices to help your teams learn the core concepts of Coach Brown’s zone offense.

    Zone Offense vs. Odd Fronts

    The final segment of the video breaks down how Coach Brown attacks an odd-front defense. To attack odd-fronts defenses, Coach Brown stresses low-block screens and corner jump shots. Getting good looks from the outside can beat a zone defense, but creating looks closer to the basket is even better.

    Brown shows you a series of screens that create shots from the baseline corner. He shows you how to attack with diagonal passes through and over the zone. The key shooting spots will open up for your best shooter. These spots open up as the defense scrambles to either cover the corner or fly to the skip pass. Again, Coach Brown shares a few drills that you can use to install the offense, which works against a 1-3-1, 1-2-2, or 3-2 zone.

    The final part of the presentation includes how the offense creates rebounding opportunities that consistently lead to high percentage baskets. Coach Brown’s zone offense is simple to install and extremely effective. His video can help your team take down any zone offense. Rent this beat zone defense DVD today.

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