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    The Science Behind ProShot:

    Research shows finger spacing plays a critical role in the success of a players ability to shoot.This basketball training equipment was designed to provide maximum comfort for the player, allowing proper hand position around the ball and maintaining freedom of movement. The ProShot is a soft, lightweight band that fits snug over the four fingers of the players hand(s) while creating the optimum space between the fingers. Proper finger spacing will allow the player to shoot, pass and dribble more effectively. Take control of your game and wear the ProShot while training, practicing and even playing.

    Same release. Same shot. Consistency leads to greater confidence.

    Coaches tip: Wearing the ProHand on each hand during your workouts will undoubtedly product better results! The shooting hand will benefit from the proper finger spacing on the ball and your ball-handling skills will be improved because you're feel for the ball will be enhanced.

    When selecting your size, please consider the thickness of your fingers:

    Small bands will fit skinny fingers
    Medium bands fit the majority of youth players
    Large bands will fit matured hands


    What people are saying about the ProShot Bands:

    “I am a shooting guard in college basketball and when I started using the ProShot I took a whole new step in shooting within weeks. The bands help create even pressure on my fingertips as I release the ball into my shot, helping give the perfect rotation and form. Not only do the bands help with your shooting and guide hand, they also help with dribbling, by making you dribble with your fingertips and giving you more control over the ball. All around the ProShots have improved my game and I would encourage every basketball player to purchase these and perfect their shot!”

    - Aubrey, 20, Wisconsin

    “The ProShot is the best training device I’ve ever used. It’s comfortable to wear, doesn’t restrict me in any way and I’m making more shots now than I ever have! I’ve recommended it to all my teammates.”

    - John, 15, Florida “The ProShot is unbelievable. I bought it about 1 year ago when I saw my friend having success with it. I wear it at all my practices and training sessions. I love that I can wear it in every drill and it doesn’t affect me in any way.”

    - Luke, 17, Oregon

    “I haven’t taken off the ProShot since I purchased it! I’m wearing it in games, practices and training sessions. I’m making more shots and I have more confidence with them on!”

    - Jordan, 13, Wisconsin

    “I bought the ProShot about 1 year ago and it is still like new. Amazing the quality of the bands considering I’ve worn it in every practice and outside in the driveway. I love the ProShot and have seen good results from wearing it.”

    - Ashlee, 15, Illinois

    “The ProShot shooting band provides comfort and improved my consistency as a shooter. Although the product is designed for shooting purposes, I felt confident in all aspects of the game while wearing the ProShot.”

    - Jac, 30, Arizona

    “The ProShot is unbelievable! Gives me instant confidence and I think I made my first 20 shots after putting it on! I wish I had the ProShot a long time ago.”

    - Bryce, 18, Wisconsin

    “The ProShot makes my shot better. The ball comes off my fingers how I want and I am making more shots than ever! ProShot is very comfortable to wear and I don’t even realize I’m wearing it.”

    -Bennett, 14, Wisconsin

    “I really like the ProShot because it gives me better ball control with my shot, passing and ball handling. My ball rotationis better when using ProShot and I’ve recommended it to all my teammates!”

    - Ashley, 12, Wisconsin

    “My brother and I both love the ProShots we got. I can confidently say that it has improved my game ever since I have put one on. It has really helped my shot and the more I use it, the more the ball sinks through the basket. I can FEEL the difference in my ball-handling skills and passing ability.”

    - Juan, 19, Arizona

    The ProShot is for all basketball players of all ages and all skill level. Don’t ever settle for how good you are today. Strive to be the best you can be tomorrow. The ProShot will help you become the best you can be!

    - ProShot Team

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