(Rental)-Progressive Strength Training & Conditioning Warmu-ups For Basketball

  • Strength Training and Conditioning For Basketball DVD
  • Progressive Strength Training & Conditioning Warmu-ups For Basketball by Danny Manning Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Strength and Conditioning Warm-Ups for Basketball

    Strength Training and Conditioning video wtih Danny Manning. The basketball season is a long one and the best teams are able to sustain their efforts through multiple 36- (high school) or 40-minute (college) games and do so successfully. In this video, Ryan Horn, the director of sports performance at Wake Forest, pairs up with Demon Deacons head coach Danny Manning to show you how to improve players’ strength and agility all while minimizing the risk of injury.

    Coach Horn uses on-court demonstration to show you a series of simple exercises that he uses to get player ready to practice, play in games, and get through an entire season. Each of the exercises is simple and doesn’t require any extra equipment. The idea behind this workout is to build explosiveness and agility in athletes. At the same time, the workout helps to reduce the risk of injury.

    Strength Training and Conditioning 3 Stages 

    Coach Horn’s presentation is broken into three stages. Stage 1 includes preparatory drills. These are drills that help players warm up and develop fluidity in their motions. They also prepare the body for the more difficult exercises to come.

    The Pogo Hop series helps enhance players’ reactive abilities. By using small hops in a variety of directions, these exercises help to strengthen the ankles, shins, and legs. The drills also prepare these areas of the body for more difficult drills later in a workout. Other preparatory drills include high knees and straight leg skips.

    The second stage of strength training and conditioning drills is the Combo Agility series, which works on developing posture and range of motion. Players go about 70 to 80 percent of their full effort in these drills. Slides and back pedals simulate movements in games. These simple drills can be done quickly, but the results can have dramatic effects on players’ overall performance.

    The final stage of drills is the Stop and Go series. These drills are high intensity movements that prepare athletes for games and double as injury prevention drills. Stop and Go drills teach athletes how to correctly decelerate, an important part of injury prevention.

    This 68-minute video is great for athletes at any level. The exercises are very simple to teach and do not require a lot of practice time. Your team can get stronger, faster, quicker, and prevent injuries in a short amount of time following Coach Horn’s guidance. Rent this strength training and conditioning DVD for basketball today.

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