Basketball Trainers

How We Help Basketball Trainers

If you are currently a basketball trainer or would like to become one we have many resources to help you in the career of basketball training.  One of the keys to being a good basketball trainer and suceeding in the business is being knowledgeable.  Here at HoopsKing we have worked with some of the best basketball trainers in the world:

  • Ganon Baker - Known all over the world and in business for 20+ Years
  • Jay Hernandez - Currently with the Charlotte Bobcats as an Assistant Coach
  • Jason Otter - Famous for his Point Guard Elite Camps
  • Dorian Lee - Atlanta, GA based trainer who has worked with Pros, College, & High School Stars

The basketball trainers above have been very successful and we would suggest you start by looking at the materials we have available from them.  It's not just about the drills they do but how they teach, the enthusiasm they have, the incredible skill they possess, and their passion for basketball.  Being a great basketball trainer is a lot more than just doing some fancy looking drills.

Videos for Basketball Trainers

Now of course you should checkout all of the videos we have for the trainers above first.  But we also rent instructional basketball DVDs through the mail so you can learn from all the top coaches in the game.  We have over 900 DVD titles for rent which if you study you will master each segment of the game you are focusing on.  You will see different teaching methods from coaches.  This is key to being a great trainer and being able to reach various players.  Not all students learn the same.  Some get it from being told and others get it from being shown and by watching various coaches teach the same subject it will give you new ideas and help develop your style and help you reach any player.

Training Equipment for Basketball Trainers

Be sure to checkout our great selection of Basketball Training Equipment that you can use with your clients to improve their game.  Our basketball training pads are used by NBA teams on down to high schools to introduce contact to players so they learn how to play vs. contact instead of melting vs. pressure.

 We can help you become a Basketball Trainer so let us know if you have any questions.



Hoop Shooter Pro

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The HoopShooter Pro, is a patent-pending basketball training equipment that helps players keep their hands and arms in the most advantageous position before and after the release of the basketball. Once you remove the HoopShooter Pro after practicing...

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