How to Teach Your Child to Play Basketball

Teach Your Child to Play Basketball

Dear Parent,

Coach Chris here.  I'd like to help you teach your child the game of basketball so that they can be successful and enjoy the game. I think a big key to enjoying the game is having some early success.  This comes from teaching skills the correct way so that kids don't develop bad habits early that go on for years and become almost impossible to break.  

Take shooting for example, so many kids have terrible form.  The root cause of this is poor instruction and not enough practice. From my experience, unless a child is a natural shooter (there aren't many) the best shooter's have parents who are either coaches or know enough about basketball to teach them good form from the start. I taught my children how to shoot the basketball by working with them between 10 to 15 minutes a day for several weeks.  I taught them early so they really didn't know any other way.

And with continued practice and reinforcement of solid shooting fundamentals over the years, they were some of the best shooters in high school.  I would suggest you check out my Daddy Daughter - Father Son Workout. I take my son who was in 2nd grade at the time through a shooting workout where he learned to shoot with great form.  You can send your kids to all the camps you want but unless you work with them at home they will probably not become very good shooters because it takes good instruction and consistent practice.

Youth Basketball Parents

We have various basketball training aids that can help you as a parent teach your child the game of basketball but I would suggest you start with our videos first.  Nothing beats good instruction and that is the starting point to becoming a good basketball player.

If you are a parent coach you can also greatly benefit from our instructional basketball videos.  Now understand this -  you can go on YouTube and watch a bunch of drills but you won't see how coaches break down and teach the game like they do in our videos.

Here is what I would suggest to you:

1. If you are a parent trying to help your child take a good look at our Youth Basketball Videos.

2. If you are also coaching you should start renting our DVDs by mail and really learn the game and how to teach it like the Top College Coaches do.  You'll run more efficient practices and speed up the learning process for your players.



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