Youth Basketball Training

Youth Basketball Training for Coaches, Parents, & Players

Knowledge is power and if you can learn the best way to teach the game of basketball from the very beginning the easier it is to learn.  We offer many resources for youth basketball coaches to help their players learn the right way to do things from the beginning.  And if you are a coach with little knowledge of basketball or it's been awhile since you coached and you need a refresher, we can quickly get you up to speed.

As a youth basketball coach you want to hep your players succeed as quickly as possible and continue to progress as basketball players and enjoy the game.  When you are good at something or you keep improving at something it's more fun.

Youth Basketball Coaching Videos

We have various videos to help you get up to speed quickly as a coach.

Now you can search YouTube and find lots of great resources but those are just a bunch of videos without much direction.  The links to the videos above are well thought out and you get to see what top youth coaches do in their practices and the best way to do the drills. Don't just be a coach with a bunch of cool drills, have a plan and vision for your youth basketball team and our videos are more than just a bunch of drills.

Youth Basketball Training Equipment & Aids

We also have many training aids on our site that can help you as a youth basketball coach.  Start below and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us

Use our Youth Basketball Resources to get off on the right foot.


Youth Dribbling Program

$66.97 $39.99

TRAIN the RIGHT WAY FROM the START. YOUR CHILD WILL BE THE BEST DRIBBLER ON THE TEAM!   What dribbling drills should your child do? How long should they do them? How often? The Youth Basketball Dribbling Pack answers all of these questions for...

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Hoop Harness


Basketball Dribbling Aid that Develops the Weak Hand - Quickly! The Hoop Harness  is a basketball dribbling aid that promotes ambidextrous (right and left-hand) basketball handling skills. Hoop Harness drills are designed to strengthen your...

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