Beginner Basketball Drills & Tips

Tips for Beginner Basketball Players


Chris Hungerford CEO


Basketball is a great game and like anything it's much more fun if you learn to play it the right way from the beginning. This ensures more success and fun down the road. Here are the ways I think we can help most beginning players and coaches succeed at the game of  basketball.  

  • Youth Basketball Videos
  • Training Pads
  • Shooting Aids

The first thing I would suggest for beginning basketball coaches is to continually increase your knowledge of the game.  Our youth basketball videos are a great way to cover running your first basketball practice, teaching beginning basketball drills, and coaching youth basketball games.

The training aids I'd suggest would revolve around learning to shoot and dribble the basketball correctly.  Teaching children to correctly shoot the basketball takes time and patience so I suggest you have a lot of both to teach a child to shoot the basketball.  Build a solid base for them and then they can continue to progress as they get older.  If they have a lot of bad habits and don't get rid of them when they are young, those bad habits will follow them around their entire career.

Another great training aid is the SkilCoach Shooter ball.  It has painted on hands so children can easily figure out where to put their hands to correctly shoot the basketball.  It's the built in coach so when you are not around they can correct and teach themselves.  This is a very empowering basketball for young children because they do not need an adults help constantly to figure out how to hold the basketball.

Basketball is so much fun and so exciting for young players.  Let us know if we can ever help you out.

Chris Hungerford



Hoop Harness


The Hoop Harness  is basketball training equipment that promotes ambidextrous (right and left-hand) basketball handling skills. Hoop Harness drills are designed to strengthen your weak hand by eliminating the possibility of strong or natural hand...

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The Big Cone

$34.99 $24.99

The Big Cone(TM) is a pop-up cone training device that gives players a more realistic obstacle than your typical sports cones. This basketball training equipment is great for all sports including basketball, soccer, football, and anything you need an...

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Sweep Stick


The Sweep Stick is basketball training equipment that helps players have a tangible goal when sweeping the ball. It is portable, yet adheres to the gym floor via friction technology.  It can be used while training individually, groups, and...

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