Basketball Coach

Basketball Coach

How We Can Help Your Become a Better Coach


Chris Hungerford CEO


To be a successful coach you need to have good players and you need to learn how to best use your players. I'm going to highlight the products that I feel can help most coaches accomplish the most you can with your teams.

The first thing I would suggest for a basketball coach is to continually increase your knowledge of the game and see all the different teaching methods, drills, etc.  By renting DVDs through the mail, you can see the greatest coaches and the newest innovators without breaking your budget.  You can rent DVDs for around 1/3 of what it would cost you to buy them. Watch them a few times and take what you need into your teams practices.  No matter what field you work in, people get stale in their job and coaches are no different.  Don't become stagnant, stale, and think you already know it all.  You don't! No one knows it all.  The best coaches are always talking to other coaches, studying, and learning.

Our P.R.O. Bands are a favorite of coaches.  They can be used for resistance while dribbling, rebounding, stretching, strength training, and more. We offer an "On the Court Weightroom" package so that you can get all the bands you need at a great discount.  Instead of scheduling additional weight room time, you can take care of the weight training right on the court with our bands.  Athletes really like working with the bands and likely will make your sessions even more fun and productive.

Since we've introduced the Defender Extender basketball training pads we've seen a lot of orders coming in from colleges.  College coaches know the importance of being able to play at that "Next Level" as many players come in having been one of the bigger players in their area and now they are not.  The Defender Extender pads will help you prepare your players for longer, taller, and more athletic players.  Practicing with these pads will make playing against someone of their own size much easier.  Watch our Defender Extender videos to see all the ways they can really help your players improve and then point these areas out to your players.

Our LockDown Defender bands have been very popular with coaches as well. They make defense fun! Players can now set a goal to get quicker and faster by changing up the bands. Players will also learn to get lower because if they aren't stretching the bands they are not low enough.  You will easily know when someone is standing up or taking it easy on defense.  The LockDown bands can be worn around the ankles or thighs so you can also use them in other drills that require medial (up and down the court) movement.

I think all the above products are very worthwhile for any coach or school to invest in.  While you are at it, treat yourself to a new custom coaching board with your school colors and logo.

Let me know if you have any questions at anytime as we are here to help you succeed.

Chris Hungerford


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