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  • Bruce Pearl Pressure Defense & Sideline Out of Bounds Plays
  • Pressure Defense & Sideline Out Of Bounds Plays by Bruce Pearl Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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     Pressure Defense and Sideline Out of Bounds Plays

    Bruce Pearl has won nearly 600 career games as a head coach adhering to a certain style of play that forces opponents to play his brand of basketball. Pearl’s style is working at Auburn, a program that has been resurrected after reaching the 2019 Final Four. The Tigers were the SEC tournament champion and advanced all the way to the national semifinals before bowing out. In this video, Coach Pearl covers a range of topics including creating a team identity, his pressure defensive system, and inbound plays that produce points.

    Pressure Defense

    If there is one thing Coach Pearl is known for, it is his famed 1-2-1-1 full-court press. His teams have always been good pressing teams so much so that opponents fear playing against him. Coach Pearl takes you through each player in the defense describing what type of player to use in each position, rules and responsibilities, and how to figure out which post player to put at the back of the press.

    Coach Pearl details things like the two types of passes that can beat the press, the best time to go for a steal, and where steals most often occur. Pearl will show you how to defend a variety of offensive formations, including 1-guard, 2-guard, 3-guard, and 4-across formations. The whole idea, of course, is to exhaust and disrupt opponents allowing your own team to be aggressive and control the pace of the game.

    Out of Bounds Plays

    In addition to the pressure defense, Coach Pearl also includes three sideline out of bounds plays that flow right into the flex offense that Pearl ran at Tennessee. He teaches you how to run each set against both man and zone defenses.

    Coach Pearl’s presentation ends with a discussion on pressuring and disrupting opponent inbound plays. Pearl shows you the art of altering an offense’s play design by influencing the timing and spacing of the offensive movement. Players jam gaps, maintain inside position, and guard “two-with-one” to put pressure on a defense. Rent this sideline out of bounds plays DVD today.

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