(Rental)-Pack Line Defense for High School Basketball

  • (Rental)-Pack Line Defense for High School Basketball
  • Pack Line Defense for High School Basketball by Brian Field Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Pack Line Defense

    About building and teaching the pack line defense Brian Field has developed a really great video. He uses the chalkboard to illustrates the primary defense’s concepts. After that he will give you a detailed on-court presentation with lots of explanations of techniques and drills.The players will force the offense to the baseline when you will meet different variation of the pack lines. The Coach Field has beautifully explained everything and has demonstrated how this defense has taken his team to the next level and how it helped them to improve their skills and abilities. This defense has helped them to force the opponent players into much tougher shots. He has also explained when he wants his player to switch and also explained the half court philosophies which were used with this defense.


    In this technique, one pass away, the defenders are inward and upward towards the ball. So against the dribble penetration this technique will allow the defender who is one pass away to be there against the dribble penetration. In the defensive assignment, so many young players will be guarding too close. This too much closeness shows rotation. There are so many advantages of maintaining this kind of triangle like the defender can get into the closer area, into the passing lane and be available for help when needed.

    Forcing Baseline

    When it comes to explaining the pack line defense most players have been forced to the middle of the floor and which is the point where most of the help is waiting. So, with this kind of technique, the opponent players are left with minimum offensive abilities. The Coach Field has beautifully explained that how keeping the offense on the sideline forces them to float a pass and when they move to the weaker side. When a difficult pass is forced across the court, the defensive players will be available there for help position to jump that pass.

    Brockport Drill

    Just like in Shaka Smart’s “Ironman Drill” where players must take a charge, this technique is pretty similar to that. There is only difference which is in Brockport Drill is more of a variation of the Shell Drill. One player is not forced to do multiple effort or drills instead the Brockport uses four players who must rotate into help and on-ball defense as the ball rotates. On the other hand, the weaker side helpers will help in cutting off the baseline and take a charge. This drill makes sure that you are getting proper rotations and communications while giving you that mental toughness element. Rent the Pack Line Defense for High School Basketball today.


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