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    Offensive Spacing Basketball & Relocation

    University of Houston head coach Kelvin Sampson helps you open up the floor and get better on offense through focusing on spacing and relocation. Coach Sampson has had a long and successful career at programs such as Oklahoma, Indiana, and Washington State prior to earning the 2018 American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year award in 2018 at Houston. In this video, he presents to you not only his ideas about spacing and offense, but also some of his thoughts about coaching in general.

    Sampson talks about his “Five C’s of Coaching” – Competency, Consistency, Confidence, Competitive, and Confrontation – and why they are important in coaching. He also discusses practice, assistant coach roles, staff meetings, how to become a better coach, how to incorporate things learned from other coaches, and the importance of preparation. Sampson believes in playing hard and competing, but at the end of the day reminds you that “shooting is not an equal opportunity employer.”

    Offensive Spacing Basketball

    Coach Sampson gets right into the concept of spacing by discussing the most common mistakes coaches make in a free-flowing offense. Sampson points out the three things necessary to a successful spacing offense:

    • A point guard that can play out of the pick & roll
    • A sprinter (big man) that can set the screen
    • A stretch-4 that can make a 3-pointer

    You will see how to incorporate a ball screen into the offense as well as the importance of the roll man. Coach Sampson shows how post players must sprint to ball screens and how the “hit & go,” popular in the NBA, is run. The next phase in the offense is relocation, which helps maintain spacing in the offense. Guards, you will see, must have the freedom to read defenses and make plays.

    Warm Up Drills for Basketball

    Two drills that use the ideas of the spacing offense are presented. They can be used as warm up drills, but they help teach some of the basic concepts needed in the offense. One drill works on catching the ball on the move. Slower athletes learn to attack the middle with the “beat them off the catch” concept. The second drill is the Three-Man Fast Break which works on getting the ball out of the net quickly and getting the ball up the floor.

    Sets and Actions

    Finally, Coach Sampson offers some of his offensive sets, including one action out of the pick and roll that is sure to get your players a good look at an open scoring opportunity. Sampson also presents one baseline out of bounds play that flows right into the pick and roll action.

    This 75-minute video can help you no matter what offense you run. Spacing is important and Sampson shows you why and how to use it to get more open shots, better scoring opportunities, and to score more points. Rent this offensive spacing basketball & relocation DVD today.

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