Nuclear First Step ft. Dorian Lee

If you want to be an amazing athlete there are three things that you need to do. You need to eat amazing, you need an amazing workout, and you need to rest amazing.

The workout is then divided into three parts: first, you need to hit the gym and get some bigger muscles, then you need to do plyometrics to make those bigger muscles functional, and at the end, you need to learn that body to play basketball. One hour in the gym demands two hours with the ball. The law!

Today we are going to talk about the plyometric workout that has a goal of increasing the speed of your first step and the overall speed. The coach that is going to help us is Dorian Lee, also a part of a Hoopsking family and an elite conditioning coach.  


1. Ladder Zig Zag

In this drill, one foot is following the other. The ladder is just used as a goal where you need to step in order to do the drill the right way because the accent is on a short fast step. Because the drill is done sideways, you are on ball defense will get better/faster, and that zigzag rhythm will help you get around the screens faster.

leader jumps

2. Inside - out jumps

This drill is good for activating your hips and at the same time, your reaction time is getting faster. This drill can be done like in the video, and, when you get a hold of it, you can do it backward.

3. Ladder side steps

This drill is done in a manner that you are facing the ladder frontally, but you are moving from side to side and straight at the same time. With this drill, you will increase your East-West movement that will help you both with your defensive movement and with those crossover moves.  

4. The Rope Jumps

We all know that these jumps are considered as one of the best exercises that one athlete can do. Simple jumps are going to activate almost every muscle in your body so your overall stamina is going to increase. By adding some of the variations, you can train almost any muscle group in both speed and power.

If you want to learn more conditioning drills that will make your players faster, stronger, more agile, click on the link below. We have some of the best coaches talk about how to prepare your team for the challenges to come:

Dec 08, 2018 Coach Viktor

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