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  1. Perfect Jump Shot DVD - Learn everything you need on how to shoot better
  2. Supersized Basketball - Helps develop proper arc on shot
  3. Shooting Fork - Proper spacing between index & middle finger


The Perfect Jump Shot DVD


Build your shot from the ground up with the Perfect Jump Shot. Use the techniques and drills on the DVD to build your perfect jump shot. If you are a parent looking to help your child out, this DVD will be your blueprint to your child's perfect jump shot. If you are an advanced player looking to perfect your shot. This DVD features exciting presentation and is fun to watch. No fluff filled segments on this DVD as Jason will give you easy to follow instruction along with the best drills to do to perfect your jump shot.


  • For beginning and advanced players
  • Build your shot from the ground up
  • Multiple camera angles, on screen graphics, & exciting presentation
  • Easy to follow instruction
  • Great for individuals and coaches



Supersized Basketball

Our revolutionary oversized basketball will help improve shooting accuracy and dribbling. After shooting and dribbling this jumbo basketball, regulation balls will seem easy to put in the hoop! Composite cover for indoor/outdoor use.

  • Official Weight (size 35 ")
  • Improve Your Shooting Accuracy
  • Improve Your Arm, Wrist, and Finger Strength for Dribbling, Passing, and Shooting!



Shooting Fork



The Shooters Fork is a patented training aid that will spread your index and middle finger apart creating what is known as the "shooters fork". These two fingers control the aim of the shot and when spread apart they eliminate deflection to the left or right. The flexible silicone bands slide over your fingers and is comfortable enough to use while playing.








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