Next Level Finishing Moves by Jim Huber

Decision making and reading defense comes from much hard work of both player and a coach. It is a synergy of constant thinking and analyzing, practicing moves and counter moves. You have to put your players in a position that they cant solve, then explain them why cant they solve it, then tell them what are the options. Coach Huber has prepared us a drill that will put both offensive and defensive player in a position to read the play and to react in a way they think is good. Place a cones on the floor, make both players run around them.

1 on 1 basketball

Both of the cones in Coach Huber's case will lead the players to a real game situation. The offense will be in a position to make a straight dribble penetration move towards the basket, and the defender will be in a position of a help defender.

Decision makeing

Depending of who will do what, talk to your players and explain them other options and what will come out of those options.

Let us take a look at the video:

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Feb 04, 2019 Chris Hungerford

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