NBA Daily X&O Recap for Coaches: Warriors at Suns - How to Read the Defense

Teaching our players to read the defense is a good thing. It is important that they do not overdo it. Scanning the floor is really important, but if the defender acts with full confidence then he becomes a bit slumb in scenes so there might be a time when he is going to lack sharpness.

Last night Dubs were able to beat the Suns, but it wasn't all walking in the park win. Suns fought, and they fought well.

We all know how Green and Durant are good at defense, but they were too confident in this next play that we are going to analyze. Because they were acting like they know things, this mistake emerged and Suns scored some easy points.


Preparation for the double screen action

We have T.J. on the Point dribbling the ball, and we have Bucker in the corner. As we can see, Ayton is also high on the arc, so we can predict what is coming. Warren is going to drive towards Bucker for a hand-off, Buck will go to Ayton for a pick and roll.  

No communication on defense

As T.J. is coming near the corner, we can see that Durant and Green do not have communication. Green is sliding a bit toward the baseline as a preparation for the switch, but, KD is looking towards the Bucker, perfectly positioned to deny the screen/hand-off.

defensive mistake

And here is what happened. Green went for a switch, Durant stayed on Buck, and T.J. read the defense and just made one step and a dribble toward the basket and founded himself all alone.

No defense

Making a good preparation for the game is a good thing. Watching a lot of videos is a good thing. Knowing opponents offensive patterns is a good thing. Relying on what you know instead of what you see is a bad thing. Knowledge is going to help you be more prepared, but keep in mind that you are playing against players who can also react. Confidence will keep you sharp, arrogance will lead you to losses.

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Jan 01, 2019 Coach Viktor

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