NBA Daily X&O Recap for Coaches: Warriors at Raptors - High Post Double Screen Action

Tonights game was worthy of the NBA finals and I can`t recall that I`ve watched better game this season. Raptors controlled the game three quarters down the stretch, and then KD emearged in the fourth and took the game to OT. In the end, Raptors won 131 - 128.

I really enjoyed the whole game, but this simple double screen action caught my eye.


If we take a look, we have both bigs on the elbows and both of them are fighting their men for the position. The ball will go to Iggy, and then Cook will go to the left side of the court.

As we can see, the first option that we have in this offensive play is that Cook can receive the screen from Jones, and cut towards the basket.

If you ask me, Ibaka here is not playing good defense because he is too close to his man, who has, by the way, turned his back to the basket.

Now, Cook first, and Jones second are making two consecutive screens for KD. If the defense is good, KD will have an opportunity to have a miss-match vs. Ibaka, if the defense is bad, he will have an open shot from the three point line.

If we take a look at the picture, we will see too many mistakes in the defense. First, Ibaka is too far from his defender. Second thing that caught my eye is the position of Lowry. He too is standing way low, and if KD doesn`t take a jumper he can pass to Cook who is wide open on the 45° spot.

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Nov 30, 2018 Coach Viktor

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