NBA Daily X&O Recap for Coaches: Magic at Lakers - Easy Cuts while Reading the Defense

I don`t know about you guys, but when it comes to basketball I really like the detail. I love those small things because it is showing us how good some players really are. Lets break down this simple cut that had so many good basketball elements:


We have a simple double wide pin action, where Evan Fournier was going first as a decoy (just to make McGee a bit confused) and the real action was created for Eric Gordon who was second to use screen on the left elbow. If you take a look, JaVale do not have a ball in his sight and he is facing Fournier.

Good body positioning
Bad defensive stance by Javale

Next two pictures are showing us a moment where Gordon is receiving the ball. What do we see?

1. He is aware that his direct defender (Kuzma) is going over screen, and because of that he decides to go straight towards the basket.

2. By taking this direct step in the moment when he is receiving the ball, we know that he is aware that McGee is not standing properly in defense. His feet are parallel with the sideline (Black Pointers on the right picture) and they should be leveled with the corner (Yellow Pointer on the right picture).

Open driving lane
Javale can`t recover in defense

These two pictures are showing us a situation after a first dribble done by Gordon. As you can see, the path is open towards the basket because he noticed every mistake the defense made.

1. Kuzma should have positioned in a way that he could be in front of Gordon before there was a screen action. We at Hoopsking already showed you how to deal with Wide Pins.

2. JaVale`s feet were positioned in a way that he needed to rotate them by a 180° just to face driving defender.

3. LeBron is not playing any defense this season and it has nothing to do with Gordon`s offensive talents.


If you want to learn more high screen action like this one that we analyzed today, go rent a DVD by clicking on the link below:

Nov 26, 2018 Coach Viktor

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